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Routing Numbers 101

Have you ever looked at one of your checks and wondered what all of those numbers at the bottom actually mean? (Do you even write checks anymore? I rarely do.) Whether you write checks on a daily basis or not at all, it is still vitally important to know what your bank routing number is at your bank. This is primarily used for setting up your payroll direct deposit, automatic transfers, or social security deposits. This website will help teach you about bank routing numbers, but the tabs above are also alphabetically organized based on the top 20 banks in the United States (by number of branches) to help you find your bank specific routing number information.

Routing number vs. wire transfer number

It is a common misconception that you are able to use the routing number on your check as your wire transfer number.  Each financial institution, typically, has a different but generic wire transfer number that is used for domestic wires and another that is used for international wires.  We will make sure to include the wire transfer numbers on the bank specific pages on this site for your reference, as well.


Your SWIFT code and IBAN are two important items that are needed when sending an international wire.  SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication and is used as a code to distinguish which financial institution money should be sent to.  Typically, the SWIFT code is made up of letters and numbers, where domestic wires use wire transfer numbers that are, primarily, just made of numbers.

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number, and this is just the account number at your bank.  You could have an IBAN if you were doing an international transfer from the US to another country and even if you were sending money from a foreign county to a US financial institution.

Find Wachovia Routing Number?

Usually when you make any transaction with Wachovia Bank, you may need to know Wachovia routing number or Wachovia Bank routing number before making any transaction.

The most frequently found problem is that you don’t know Wachovia routing number. How many digits are there? Do different branches use the same routing number?

Wachovia Bank routing number has 9 digits. It refers to the branch of Wachovia Bank where you want to make a transaction. If you want to buy a check, or financial instruments of Wachovia Bank at 401 LINDEN STREET WINSTON-SALEM, the Wachovia routing number on the check or financial instruments will be 256072837. The question that may follow is whom you should contact to know the Wachovia routing number. Easy question. Call Wachoiva Bank and you will get the answer. However, searching for Wachovia Bank routing number on the Internet may get wrong number because the routing number are revised sometimes. But if you call the Bank directly, you will be confident that you get the correct information. Here is the bank’s telephone number (800) 841-8893.

A bank credit card is a great and very convenient piece of plastic with which one can buy goods and services. An average American now has a maximum of eight credit card bank. To qualify for a wachovia bank card services, the applicant should be eighteen years of age and have a good credit history.

Wachovia Bank offer various types of bank credit cards. After choosing the credit card bank, the consumer must submit a duly completed application credit card bank. The application and processing fee must be paid together with the application. A person can apply for a credit card online bank or through the phone. Wachovia Bank often send requests for wachovia bank card services by mail, since the consumer is required to sign the applications upon receipt of them. When wachovia bank card applications for credit are transmitted online, there are more opportunities for fraud.

Most of the banks’ credit card applications include personal information about consumers, such as name, age, date of birth, marital status, the applicant’s current and previous addresses (only when the current address is less than two years) e-mail address, driver’s license number and social security number. To enter the applicant’s employment areas such as occupation, employer, position, household income, and other sources of income are available. Bank account information is also included in the bank for credit card applications. In addition, the applicant must specify whether a citizen or a permanent resident of the U.S. If necessary, the details of the co-applicant/spouse are also required to enroll in credit card applications bank.

If the applicant is a student, in addition to the basic personal information, bank credit card applications to enter the fields of student, school name, year of graduation, major, and campus phone.

Once the bank and credit card applications are completed, the bank will verify the information by contacting the consumer in person or by phone numbers given. The bank issues bank credit cards only when the consumer proves to hold a good credit history.

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