Online Movie & DVD Rental Services

Do you know that you could rent movies and DVDs online just from home? Do you know there are online DVD rental services? Nowadays people have available several companies that offer the possibility of enjoying unlimited hours of movies and entertainment without nuisance of going out of home, driving to the DVD store, driving back again… Also these companies offer very good prices in their DVD rentals. Are you going to waste more time? Are you going to squander more money? Save time and money is up to you! Kodi Streaming Issue

Which service is better? Which is cheaper or has more facilities? Here, in Online Movie Rental, we select and analize the more recommended ones and then we rank these services in order of relevance. The final choice is up to you, we gather the most important features of everyone.

Online DVD Rental Services Reviewed

Below there are ordered by rating the services reviewed till the moment by Online Movie Rental The table contains three columns with different information:

  • In the left column you have the company’s name that is offering the service.
  • In the center column you have a micro review with the more relevant points of the service.
  • Finally in the right column you have the service’s rating measured in a 0 to 5 star scale followed by two buttons, a green one that links to the company’s offer, and a yellow one that links to a deeper review.
  • Free Mail Deliveryboth ways. Receive your DVDs directly to your mailbox and return them again by mail for free. No postage charges.
  • Ex-change in-store option, unlike the rest of online rental services that don’t have physical stores.
  • Keep the movies as long as you want, no late feesand no due dates for online rentals.
  • More than 80,000 titlesincluding new releases.
  • Special in-store monthly offers, exclusive deals and discountsfor online members.
  • Delivery time: 1-2 business days(more than 90% of subscribers are within one-day postal delivery zone).
  • 50% discountin your first month.
  • Monthly fee:from $11.99 to $34.99for the BLOCKBUSTER Total Plans.
  • Unlimited mail DVD rentalsand up to three DVDs at a time (depending on the rental plan).
  • $25 Visa Gift Card.for paid members.
  • US only.

Company History

Blockbuster Inc. is one of the most important a leaders in the DVD rental sector. Blockbusters covers almost a third part of the U.S. market share, and manages more than 6,500 video stores, with 90 million customers in the United States. Few years ago Blockbuster spreaded its business all over the world but the movie piracy in some countries made Blockbuster to center again its business only over the United States. Founded in the mid ’80s as an alternative to small, local operations with limited video rental selection, the company grew quickly into a nationwide chain, with other interests in the entertainment industry as well, including music retailing.

At the present time Blockbuster has spread out its business beyond the physical stores towards the online market to face up the new competition in the online movie rental business. With a consolidated business career Blockbuster is one of the most solid leaders in the market, with the best promotional offers and the most competitive rental plan prices.

How It Works

Rent your favourite movies with Blockbuster couldn’t be easier. Just four simple steps and you will be full loaded of entertainment everyday:

  • Make Your DVD List Online:select online your favorite movies from over 80.000 titles, just from your computer without going out.
  • Receive DVDs By Mail:free shipping to your mailbox. Keep your online movies as long as you want without any extra cost. Remember that you won’t pay anything to get your favorite DVDs delivered directly to your mailbox.
  • Return DVDs Back by Mail:again for free. You have free mail delivery both ways. Deposit your DVDs in a mailbox and they will return to the store. You can also exchange then in-store (up to plan limits, see Rental Plans).
  • Next DVDs On The Way:the following movies in your list will be delivered again for free to your mailbox. The entertainment continues!.